Sustainable Luxury Hotel Review: Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa

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After spending the first few days of our Cape Town vacay in an Airbnb apartment in the Bellvue area, my friends and I went our separate ways. Jannae and Coribbia ventured off to do a 2-day safari, while I opted for some solo time.

I was curious to see what luxury in Cape Town looked like, so I spent the next few days exploring Camps Bay, one of the wealthiest areas of Cape Town. I checked in at the Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa, a highly recommended luxury hotel in the area that also seemed to share my passion for sustainable living—here’s my review!

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Top 5 Things I Loved


First and foremost, this blog is about more than just globetrotting and luxury living. It’s about how we can enjoy life thoughtfully. So, I want to acknowledge this hotel for its role in sustainability, which is something that’s important to me (and hopefully you too).

You can read here about their commitment to sustainability, but I’ll sum it up. The Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa is part of the Red Carnation Hotel Collection, which is a family-owned company with a focus on supporting local communities and the environment. This hotel participates in sustainable community projects, practices energy efficiency, conserves natural resources, uses environmentally responsible products, and recycles.

They also support the prevention of youth violence and the empowerment of underprivileged youths in townships to contribute to their communities (watch my video about what township life is like).

Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa in Cape Town, South Africa
Poolside at the Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa


Rarely do I ever roll up to a hotel that is completely isolated. But that’s exactly what happened. One minute I was cruising in my Uber ride along the coast, and the next we were turning into Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa, situated in what seemed like the middle of nowhere. You know what that meant? Silence.

Instead, it was surrounded by nature. Mountains, trees, and the ocean. They have walking trails, so I’d wake up and go on a walk to get some fresh air every morning. I’m not even a morning person.

Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa in Cape Town, South Africa
Morning walk at 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa


So I got the luxury room, which had both mountain and beach views. It wasn’t one of those sweeping landscape views that’s going to get you reposted on some hot shot Instagram account (hopefully you’re not into chasing those kinds of headaches anyway), but it was a beautiful view I certainly appreciated. I would often go out on the balcony whenever I had work to do. The sounds of the ocean waves in the distance, coupled with the nearby waterfall were calming. Sounds cheesy, I know, but I loved it!

The design of the room was rustic and even had some pops of color in there. The robes weren’t stereotypically white, but rather had cute blue patterns to them. I’m a visual person, so that was a delight for me. Above all else, a nice bathroom is what always does it for me, and this one was pretty fab. The towels were plush, there was both a shower and tub, and the lights were fancy. #winning

Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa in Cape Town, South Africa
View from the balcony


I like saving money. No. I love saving money. Even though Uber and taxi rides are cheap, I appreciated every South African rand I was able to save due to the shuttle service the hotel offered.

The evening I got there I used it to visit Camps Bay Beach, and y’all….it was there that I shot my favorite drone sequence of the entire trip. The views from this area were PHEN👏🏽 OM 👏🏽 EN 👏🏽 AL! I think Instagram agreed, because it was my most popular video clip I posted from the South Africa trip. Take me back! *wistful sigh*

Camps Bay Beach, Cape Town, South Africa
Camps Bay Beach


I like any place that combines luxury with adventure—and the Twelve Apostles Hotel knows you don’t have to choose one over the other. You can have both! Personally, I love going out on big adventures and then retreating to nice, comfortable accommodations afterwards. Here, you have the luxury accommodations, but you also have a concierge team who is always ready to arrange some outdoor fun for you. They even put together an “adrenalin factor” rating system.

Now I will admit—I arranged my own adventures, but the concierge did stop me from making a bad choice. I was leaving the hotel to go hike Lion’s Head the day I got there (Watch: Lion’s Head Hiking Tips), and they informed me it was way too dangerous to hike that late. They were absolutely right. There’s no way I would have made it up by sundown and hiking down in the dark would have been awful. So instead, I did a sunrise hike the next morning, and I couldn’t have been happier.

Lion's Head, Cape Town, South Africa
Lion’s Head

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12 Apostles Hotel & Spa in Cape Town, South Africa

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  1. So glad i found your blog! I’m from South Africa (but live in Canada now) and i love the 12 Apostles – this is such a great review! Glad you are getting South Africa out there! 🙂

    1. Hi Leigh! I honestly fell in love with South Africa. I think it might be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to! I secretly wish I could live there haha. My goodness, what a big switch you made (weather-wise) going from SA to Canada! I visited Banff last year and that’s another extremely beautiful place. Have you been?

      1. Haha it’s such been a HUGE adjustment. But we’ve been lucky to have been able to do so much since moving so we don’t regret anything – but if we could live in SA without all the crime, and government drama, we would! It really is an incredible country to live in! We have been to Banff! I love the Mountains so much! It’s a 5 hour drive from us – so it’s a bit of a drive, but we’ve been 3 times already! My husband actually proposed there so it’s really special to us! But it’s so magical. Did you go in summer or winter?

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