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Are you a coffee lover? I’m not. Yes, you read correctly. I hate coffee. So why am I writing about the best coffee on the planet? Because I care about you and you probably care about coffee (judging by all the passionate coffee comments on my YouTube video). If you’ve been keeping up with my adventures on Instagram and YouTube, then you know about my trip to Cape Town, South Africa. It is here where my coffee-loving friends dragged me to Truth Coffee, the best coffee shop in the world according to The Telegraph.

WATCH MY COFFEE TASTE TEST (and continue reading below)

Despite my blasphemous distaste for coffee—I quite enjoyed this place.

Firstly, their mocha is bomb. I never knew there was a form of coffee I could actually like until I tried some mocha at Truth Coffee. I couldn’t believe it. I, Ashley Renne, was slurping down a form of coffee. Big win for me!

Secondly, this coffee shop is staffed with extremely attractive men (my friend Coribbia’s words, not mine! But I agree with her…). I was very good though and did not look them in their eyes. I didn’t want to risk getting glamoured like an episode of True Blood. I’m a married woman!

Thirdly, it’s a steampunk-inspired coffee shop! Oh em gee. This is quite possibly the coolest coffee shop you could ever find y’all. I may not be able to enjoy the coffee they make there, but I can certainly appreciate the vibe. When you step inside Truth Coffee, you automatically get transported into a 19th century industrial steam-powered machinery sci-fi movie. From the way the baristas were dressed, to the funky decor, you can’t help but to fall in love with this place. Picture vintage coffee roasting machines, cast iron pillars, stone and brick walls, tall steel and glass doors, and metal piping.

Truth Coffee in Cape Town, South Africa - best coffee shop in the world
The steampunk-inspired decor is just too cool.

And the way they make their coffee—whoa. Even I have to drop some clapping emoji hands for that 👏🏾. In an attempt to convert me, a gentleman led me to see where the magic happens. I watched in awe as they brewed one of their signature magical cups of coffee, completely hand-roasted in a vintage cast iron drum. Once they were done, we all reveled in our artfully designed mocha lattes. Coribbia had an elephant in hers while Jannae got a cat. I got a fancy heart thing. They certainly looked pretty.

If you want to see the little taste test I did and my reactions, make sure you peep the vlog.

Truth Coffee in Cape Town, South Africa - best coffee shop in the world

Are you obsessed with coffee? Let me know in the comment section below!


Truth Coffee in Cape Town, South Africa - best coffee shop in the world

5 Replies to “Best Coffee in the World is in South Africa | Video”

  1. TRUTH is the best! <3 I miss it everyday! We're only now starting to get a coffee culture in Edmonton.

    1. My favorite part about TRUTH was the ambiance. Even though I’m not a big coffee drinker, I loved just chillin in there! And strangely, ever since going there, I actually do now drink coffee sometimes (mocha). Never thought anything could turn me into a coffee drinker! That’s great that Edmonton is starting to get into though! Hopefully it will get bigger and better over there.

      1. There ambience is amazing! It’s definitely the atmosphere and vibe of the place that makes it so successful!

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