5 Tips for Drama-Free Group Travel

Going on vacation is one of the best feelings EVER. I travel so much that I often get approached by friends who are interested in planning a trip together. My answer is almost always an earsplitting YES! I know solo travel is a big thing, but I actually love sharing my adventures with good company. Sometimes I travel in very small groups,

Language Learning Apps

Bonjour!  Ce va? Last year, I went to a language immersion class (check out the post here).  I was equal parts terrified and super excited.  I’ve always wanted to be bilingual, but it hasn’t happened yet. Until now!  In between sessions at a conference, I found DuoLingo, a free language learning app.  Before I tell

Staycation – Atlanta

Now that we’re adults, we are responsible for the dreaded “vacation days.”  Somehow, there are just never enough in the year.  Some of us are lucky, and have an unlimited supply of paid time off, others….not so much.  If you find yourself staring at your dream summer vacation on your computer screen because you’ve ran