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The band does it up!
The band does it up!

We visited Savannah for their annual St. Paddy’s Day parade.  Savannah hosts the second largest parade in America. This 3 hour parade consisted of over 350 units including several US military divisions, colleges, universities and tons of award-winning bands. You were certain to see a little bit of everything at this lively St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Love is in the air!
Love is in the air!

Forsyth Park is one of the gems of Savannah. A week before the St. Patrick’s Day parade, all of the fountains in the city are dyed green so you can really get into that Irish spirit before the parade begins. This park is absolutely lovely. We saw everything from multitudes of people gathering, a guy serenading the crowd with his guitar, and the couple behind us was totally making out as we filmed. Love was in the air.

You know your St. Patrick’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a traditional Irish beverage.

If you appreciate a good beer like us, then a pint of Guinness is the way to go. This frothy, bittersweet goodness is pretty heavy but goes down smooth. Dark beer not your thing? Drop some green dye into your beer of choice to make it more festive.



Everything's Green on St. Paddy's Day
Everything’s Green on St. Paddy’s Day







Jameson on the rocks...nuff said
Jameson on the rocks…nuff said


For the liquor lovers, we recommend our 2 favorite Irish classics. First, we have Jameson Irish Whiskey. It was originally established in Dublin in 1780 and its motto means Without Fear. You can drink it straight, on the rocks, with a little bit of soda or water, or our personal favorite with ginger ale.


Secondly, there’s Bailey’s Irish Cream, a versatile Irish liqueur that really packs a punch. Pour some in your coffee for a delicious nightcap or drink it on the rocks. Enjoy it by itself or use it as an ingredient in different recipes, like a Bailey’s shake. Click here to watch Molly show you how!

Next time you’re looking for a fun place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, venture out to Savannah. Just be sure to get there early as these festivities attract a HUGE crowd. Parking will get more difficult to find the longer you wait and be prepared for long lines at the porta potties. Until next year: Slainte! That’s how you toast in Irish.

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We’re a wee bit Irish, ya know

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