Sneak Peek into Upcoming Itz’ana Resort in Belize

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My long-distance best friend and I make it a priority to meet up at least once a year in a different country. Our target for next year is Belize, a destination comprising an eye-popping mix of jungles, mountains, islands, and one of the world’s most mysterious ancient civilizations. As fate would have it, if you believe in such things, right after we tossed Belize back and forth to each other as a viable option for next year’s getaway, I randomly received an email from up-and-coming Itz’ana Resort and Residences, a Belizean resort property scheduled to open its doors in late 2016.

At first I just thought it was Google stalking me, but nah, it was a legitimate email from a representative of the resort. My next thought was, could this be a sign? Naturally, I proceeded to check out Itz’ana’s website, and I could see why they are eager to show it off to you guys. Just for the readers of Travel Lushes, the resort is providing a special sneak peek into what a day on the property would be like for a guest, in case you too are considering a getaway to Central America’s youngest nation. Laid out below are a few photos, some of which are not on their site yet, and a 24-hour itinerary for what they refer to as your “home away from home”:

24 Hours at Itz’ana Resort & Residences in Belize, Central America

“Whether you’re always on-the-go or looking to just sun worship, Itz’ana Resort & Residences is our oasis in the Caribbean.”

A glimpse inside
A glimpse inside


8 a.m. | Yoga and private plunge pools

Wake up with some downward dogs on your private dock. With water views and salt air, this is perfect to get you straight into vacation mode. Quick dip in the plunge pool for an added bonus.

During sunrise yoga above the Great House, you will experience panoramic views that inspire the deepest meditation during your time at Itz’ana.


10 a.m. | Organic eggs and chaya green juice

Head to The Great House, Itz’ana’s main center, for some breakfast. Slow scrambled organic eggs from the hen house on site plus a green juice, made with chaya; the mayan superfood version of Kale, pineapple and mint. Opt for the Belizean fried jacks; we’re convinced if a pancake and doughnut had a baby, this would be it. Pair this with some homemade Habanero jam and you’ll definitely ask for seconds.

The Great House
The Great House is the heart of Itz’ana and a gathering place for family and friends to gather, eat, drink, and relax.


12 p.m. | Giant turtles, snorkeling, tacos, oh my!

Belize offers one of the healthiest reef systems in the world so how can you not explore? With Itz’ana’s full service marina, hop on a boat and ‘caye’ (island) hop. Keep an eye out for the giant turtles or nurse sharks, these guys like to swim along side snorkelers. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, snack on lionfish tacos while rehydrating with some fresh watermelon juice (vodka optional).

Marina sailing
Itz’ana is a great basecamp from which to fish, dive, snorkel, and leisurely sail through Belizean waters.


5 p.m. | Beach and hammock

You ate, you worked out, you enjoyed the ocean, now it’s time to enjoy the art of doing absolutely nothing. Relax on the overwater hammock, toe dipping in the ocean.

Beautiful Belize
Beautiful Belize


6 p.m. | Sundowners and rum tasting

All this Belizean sun and you’re parched! After a quick shower, it’s time to gather the troops for a private tasting at The Rum Room. Here, you’ll take your taste buds on a journey through Latin America and the Caribbean with an eclectic blend of rums from all over the region.

Have a sip in the Rum Room
Have a sip in the Rum Room.


8 p.m. | Dinner and a nightcap

Stroll over to Limilia, Itz’ana’s main restaurant, which pays homage to the Garifuna, the original inhabitants of this peninsula. The restaurant focuses on locally grown produce and fresh-caught seafood. Overlooking the pool and beautiful Caribbean sea, this is a perfect setting for your evening dinner. You head back to your villa but before you hit those 1000 count sheets, you dip your legs into the pool (with nightcap in hand) and stare into the night sky thinking of all the things you’re going to do (or not do) tomorrow.

Seafood stew at Limilia Restaurant
Seafood stew at Limilia Restaurant

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