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We travel lushes love to eat!  All-inclusive resorts provide unlimited food and beverage during your stay and even cover gratuities. Because of this, we refer to these resorts as a home base.  You can stay at the hotel and eat there or you can venture into the country for authentic local cuisine. We usually take advantage of the resort for breakfast and dinner and eat with the locals for lunch.  In some countries, food and drinks are much more expensive than it is stateside so staying on the resort will save you money in the long run.  Figure out what works for you and enjoy your trip.

When it comes to bills, we don’t like surprises.  This is why we love all-inclusive resorts. What you were quoted before the trip is what you’ll pay after the trip.  There are some expenses that can be charged to the room, so be mindful when you do certain activities, but for the most part the quote you received when you book the room is the price you will pay when you leave.

Traveling with children?  All-inclusive resorts have activities for your little ones. From play rooms to time spent outside; this service gives you some adult time.

There are plenty of activities on the resort, but you may want to participate in an activity that’s not sponsored by the hotel.  Do whatever you’d like to do while traveling, but be mindful that those activities are an additional expensive.  Have fun!

For some folks, venturing outside of the resort can be intimidating.  Most resorts have great security; you’ll be safe on the resort so relax and enjoy your time on another continent.

There you have it!  The appeal of an all inclusive resort is having everything on hand.  But, no matter where you decide to stay, enjoy your adventure.



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