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Some of the best trips happen when I meet up with friends who live in the country I’m visiting. It’s always beneficial to get authentic travel advice straight from the mouth of a local; after all, they know their city best!

This week, I’m putting the spotlight on Saint Lucia native and photography extraordinaire, Royan Descartes. Check out some of his stunning photography and his advice on what to experience when visiting this small, but dynamic island (as well as a few photography tips).

What are 3 of your favorite places to photograph in Saint Lucia?

Three of my favourite places to photograph in St.Lucia would be:

1. Donkey Beach: For its huge space and scenic landscape and just the sound of the ocean hitting the rocks. It’s a really beautiful area and you can literally run around and, most times I’d go there to photograph the scene and the clouds and the ocean. But to sit there and enjoy the breeze, oh my goodness, it’s my all-time favorite place to go.

2. Anse La Raye: Very famous spot to visit. People from around the world feel like it’s home right away. The Jetty is a nice spot to photograph when the sun is setting too. Always different, always beautiful.

3. Canaries:  Well, when i first went there I fell in love with the jetty as well, but more-so the sunset  was out-of-this-world beautiful. Never been there to photograph and it was my first time. You can see the gradient of colour from the ocean and the sky as the sun sets. Truly amazing scene.

What’s your favorite camera to use?

My favorite camera to use….well this would have to be the one that’s with me -anyone! I believe that we should not feel limited to what we own. It’s not what you use, but HOW you use it.  However, I am a Canon shooter.  Canon 7D 50mm 1.4 lens and 10-18mm lens [are my go-to lenses].

What are some tips you can give people to take better travel photos?

Better travel photo tips would be to just shoot. Don’t feel limited. Don’t feel as if your images are not coming out good enough.  Just take the photo. Go low with your camera, move forward, move backward, look for the LIGHT and capture it where it is. THINK – above all – how you want the photo to look.

What’s one thing tourists absolutely cannot leave Saint Lucia without doing?

That would be visiting the Pitons, The Sulphur Springs and drinking lots of Piton Beer.  These three are the ULTIMATE combination of things tourists/visitors MUST do before leaving.

What’s the best place for tourists to get the most beautiful landscape shots?

The most beautiful landscape shots….hmmm this one is tough. Perhaps all over the island, as one is not limited to where they’d find beauty.  However…. *whispers*  Canaries  🙂

My name is Royan Descartes, Photographer Extreme. I will take risks to get the photo because thats just me. I love photography, got a deep passion for it. Beauty is everywhere. I just want to Capture it.  You may check me out with the following info:

Instagram : Royandescartes
Facebook: Royan Descartes Photography
Cell Phone: 7204627

Royan’s Photography of Saint Lucia

Royan Descartes - Creative Shot
Royan Descartes: “God truly does answer prayers”
Royan Descartes: The Landings Hotel in Gros Islet
Royan Descartes: The Landings Hotel in Gros Islet
Royan Descartes: Marigot Bay sunset
Royan Descartes: Marigot Bay sunset
Royan Descartes: Anse La Raye sunset
Royan Descartes: Anse La Raye sunset
Royan Descartes: Grande Anse Beach
Royan Descartes: Grande Anse Beach


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