I Just Bought a Plane Ticket to Cuba

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I kicked off the New Year the best way I know how – by purchasing a plane ticket. Last year I wrote a blog post about unique destinations I’d love to visit in 2017, and on that list was Cuba. My fairy godmother must have read that post, because shortly after I was invited to present a few workshops at an influencer retreat in Cuba! For me, it was a no brainer. I get to speak about topics I’m passionate about AND I get to explore Cuba? Yeah!

Here’s the thing – I’ve never actually been on any kind of retreat before. Usually when I travel, I plan everything myself. Rarely do I ever go on trips where activities are laid out for me. So this will be an interesting change of pace that I’m looking forward to experiencing.



This all-inclusive influencer retreat is being hosted by Katrina from Fit Life Creation. Initially, the retreat was only available for influencers, but she is now opening it up to both the influencers and our readers. So if you want to come to Cuba, you’re more than welcome to join me. It will mostly make sense for anyone who is looking to take some workshops on topics like business and blogging – and would like to explore Cuba in the process. Other workshops she plans to include cover topics like weight loss, wealth, and brand building. I’ll be presenting one on the topic of shooting travel videos.

In addition to workshops, there will also be yoga, meditation, a beach trip, and an adventure tour — and there will be a photographer there to capture all the fun (no need to whip out your selfie stick every second of the trip). So, if a retreat that combines educational workshops with adventures in Cuba sounds like it makes sense for you, then go to the retreat page on her website to read up on it.

** If you do decide to purchase the package, enter the coupon code: Ashley

The code gets you 10% off (and FYI it’s case sensitive, so make sure to capitalize the ‘A’). If you want to hang out with me, I’ll be presenting at the retreat on these dates: February 16-20, 2017. Hope to meet you!


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