5 Tips for Drama-Free Group Travel

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Going on vacation is one of the best feelings EVER. I travel so much that I often get approached by friends who are interested in planning a trip together. My answer is almost always an earsplitting YES! I know solo travel is a big thing, but I actually love sharing my adventures with good company.

Sometimes I travel in very small groups, but there are other times when I’m with so many people, it feels like we’re shutting the whole damn city down. Group travel in beehive-sized numbers might sound like a recipe for d-r-a-m-a, but I’ve had success by sticking to a few rules.


…with or without the others.  If someone wants to be a rogue ninja, let ’em! The entire trip does not need to be spent with everyone in the same place doing the same thing. Everyone should have a little breathing room and a chance to check something off their list that might not be in the group’s itinerary.

TL Flashback: I traveled to Bali with two friends and one of those days, Coribbia just wanted to spend the day relaxing, while Jannae and I wanted to venture to Nusa Lembongan. Coribbia wound up staying behind, while Jannae and I went on a fantastic island adventure together.

Always use good judgment before wandering off by yourself…no need to raise everyone’s blood pressure with an unannounced Houdini act. If you’re abroad, you can make sure you’re accessible via phone using several options, which include buying a prepaid phone, using a local SIM card for the country you’re in, or buying an international SIM card. Utilize the buddy system in scenarios that call for it. The point is: do your thing, but make sure you do it safely.

We went off and did our own thing in Nusa Lembongan.
We went off and did our own thing in Nusa Lembongan.


This is a personal goal of mine every time I take a trip, whether I’m by myself or with others. The term “fancy” may mean something different to you than it does to me, but whatever your definition is, plan something really special for the entire group to take part in. On most group trips I go on, we often tend to save some kind of grand finale for the last night of our trip.

TL Flashback: During a trip to Vegas, we were rolling deep with a group of 18 people, so we rented a party bus on the last night and painted the town red together. We pulled our snazziest outfits out of our suitcases, gathered in one of our suites for an epic pre-gaming party, and then hopped in the party bus that would escort our drunk, yet classy asses all over Vegas. It was a memorable night, and one that brought us all closer together as a group (the open bar on the party bus helped with that part).

Group trip to Vegas
Group trip to Vegas


Even though you all have different interests and may want to do different things, plan out a few activities you can all do together. The bigger the group, the more important it is to schedule your shindigs in advance.

TL Flashback: For her fiancé’s birthday, my friend Shara did a Real World themed trip and rented a mansion in New Orleans. She planned out group activities for all of us, which included a pajama jam, Flip Cup tournament (girls vs. boys, and we absolutely demolished the boys), poolside BBQ, and nightly adventures into the streets of New Orleans. She also made reservations ahead of time at delicious seafood restaurants for us to eat at as a group.

Create lasting memories where everyone is enjoying each other’s company. Whether it’s staying in for a life-altering game of Flip Cup or taking over the city one bar at a time, do it with your friends around.

Poolside shenanigans in New Orleans
Poolside shenanigans in New Orleans


There may be one person in the group you don’t really care for or even can’t stand to be around. LET IT GO. Decide to call a truce for the duration of the vacation. Do not ruin the trip for yourself or others by being awkward and filling the room with tension because of your negative feelings towards someone. When in doubt, indulge in a little wine to loosen you up (unless you’re an angry drunk; then just ignore that).

TL Flashback: When I was in college, I went on a road trip to Panama City with several of my friends a week after a breakup…and since my ex already paid for his portion of the trip, our terminated relationship didn’t stop him from coming along. AWKWARRRRRD. We made it work though and left all the pettiness behind in our dorm rooms. If you don’t think you can bury a hatchet for the sake of having an amazing time, maybe this trip isn’t for you. You can always plan something else.

Don't be petty

When all else fails, have a cocktail and chill! ~ Location: Cabo, Mexico ~
When all else fails, have a cocktail and chill! ~ Location: Cabo, Mexico ~


If your group is large enough, guess what! You just might qualify for a group discount. Everyone likes to save a buck or two, so you’ll be sure to please your comrades when you present them with any money-saving options you find. If you do a little research, you just might find that you are eligible for a special group rate for an airline, hotel, or attraction. If you Google “group travel discounts” you’ll see exactly what I mean! So start your Internet search and take advantage of what you discover.

We had t-shirts made for our trip. Sure, we looked like tourists, but so what! They were awesome.
TL Flashback: We had t-shirts made for our trip at a discounted price. Sure, we looked like tourists, but so what! They were awesome.

That’s it for my short list of group travel tips that are essential for having a great vacation. The next time your friends want to plan a trip together, share these suggestions with them and plan an epic, drama-free adventure. Group trips are great when everyone is on the same page.

Enjoy your adventure together!


5 Tips for Drama-Free Group Travel
5 Tips for Drama-Free Group Travel

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  1. Great tips! For travelling, but also to manage group relations in general – we can all live with less drama if we decide to 🙂 Love the idea of doing something fancy: we always plan one special thing to look forward to and build the holiday around that

  2. Know what? Leave the pettiness at home is good for solo travel too. 😉 No, great points here, especially as a group can get a mob-mentality and just like fun is contagious, so is crankiness.

  3. Great idea for a post! I too love group travel and have had some of my best travel moments with the random people I meet while on group tours!

  4. Travelling in groups always adds a new dynamic that can really be a challenge for some. I love the company but am often called upon to be the “group leader” which can cramp my own travel style!

  5. Thanks for explaining that scheduling group activities is important to be done in advance to keep everything stress-free. In my opinion, it’s a good idea to use a charter bus service to simplify the transportation process and ensure everyone arrives where they need to be on time. This is especially helpful for large groups or groups with lots of kids!

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