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Earlier this year, I was trying to come up with an innovative way to make travel easier for people. I came up with the genius idea of building a site that would make it super simple for travelers to follow the same itineraries of their favorite bloggers. Well, that balloon quickly burst when I found out that idea had already been developed by GPSmyCity–and it’s way better than I would have ever done it anyway. This awesome app allows you to browse through travel content that has GPS coordinates embedded in the articles, so you can navigate directly to the places mentioned in the blog posts you read! Genius.


GPSmyCity is an app that basically turns your phone into your own personal tour guide. You pick a destination you’re interested in, select a travel article you like, and then utilize the travel routes that are plotted on an offline map guiding you to all the attractions, restaurants, etc you want to experience during your trip.


Imagine being in the middle of planning the perfect trip. You become glued to Google until your eyes can’t take the pain anymore. Instead of wasting time bookmarking, pinning, and adding points of interest to your Google map for later reference, why not just use a GPS-guided travel article? It’ll remove all the hassle of doing the aforementioned. And, since you will be able to access it offline–you alleviate the data drain on your cell phone.
GPSmyCity: GPS-guided travel guides


For those of you who follow along on my adventures, you know I always put together destination guides that reflect my experiences. Now you can easily go on the same adventures by simply downloading my GPS-guided articles through the GPSmyCity app. It’s completely free unless you want to upgrade.
Now, of course after reading this post, you’re going to want to go download this app right? Well, I’m going to give you even more incentive to do it right now. GPSmyCity has agreed to give away two of my article apps: “Peru Travel Guide: Part 3 – Exploring Cusco City” and “Banff Food Guide: 7 Places to Eat in Banff, Canada” this week and during this period (March 6-March 12), you guys can upgrade for free. You’re welcome. 😉
Here are my articles that are currently available on GPSmyCity:
Peru Travel Guide Part 5: Machu Picchu


GPSmyCity: a handy travel app for self-guided exploring

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