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There are many reasons people have fallgasms…football, frisky weather, and the way the globe seems to turn into an evolving work of art. When autumn arrives, there are places all around the world that slowly turn into vibrant canvases splashed with brilliant shades of sexy reds, gleaming yellows, and rich golden colors, sprinkled with flecks of green. When the sun’s rays hit these magnificent landscapes at just the right time, you are granted a tiny glimpse of heaven.

So where my eco travelers and nature lovers at who can appreciate a good outdoor high from Mother Nature? Here are some of the most incredible fallgasms to experience.

1. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

Fall in love when you visit this eye-catching fairytale railway in Klevan, Ukraine. Legend has it that if you and your sweetheart enter the Tunnel of Love and make a wish, it will come true (*cue Disney music*).

Tunnel of Love in Autumn

Tunnel of Love in Autumn

2. The Great Wall of China

When fall arrives here, the mountains are blanketed in an array of fall colors. This time of year is often recommended as the best season to visit this famous Chinese landmark.

Great Wall Of China In Autumn

3. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Experience autumn like a royal at this enchanted castle near Füssen, Germany. We actually recommend visiting this destination during fall when the temperature is mild and the landscape is doused with color.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

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4. Scaleber Force Waterfall, Yorkshire Dales

Two things that go together to create great fallgasms are waterfalls and autumn foliage. How could you ever go wrong combining these together?

Scaleber Force in Autumn, Yorkshire Dales

5. Central Otago, New Zealand

You can’t go wrong with a vibrant landscape complete with rugged mountains, lakes, rivers and farmlands. Visit New Zealand during fall when the summer crowds dissipate and the weather is just right.

New Zealand

6. Tasmania, Australia

Behold – the home of the Tasmanian devil (which is way cuter than the cartoon character). Autumn is a great time to visit the national parks in Tasmania to experience its milder weather, clear days, and changing colors.


7.  Llanrwst, Wales, England

Can you pronounce this? Llanrwst is a tongue twister for those of us who don’t speak Welsh, but its beautiful view isn’t hard to comprehend at all.


8. Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Autumn in the Alps is quite special. The summer vacationers vanish, the local kids are back in school, and the brisk weather is perfect for those long outdoor walks. Its already dramatic landscape begins to dance with color for those lucky tourists who get the opportunity to visit during the fall season.

Autumn landscape in Switzerland


My two favorite times to visit Japan are spring and autumn. I visited Japan a few years ago in the month of November and will never forget the way Japan’s temples and various landmarks were brought to life amidst the fall foliage.

9. Tokyo, Japan

Renne in Tokyo
Renne in Tokyo during autumn (photo credit: Renne Simpson, Travel Lushes)


10. Kyoto, Japan



Fall in the USA is a favorite among both tourists and US natives. Whether you explore certain cities by bike, boat, or back roads, you’ll be sure to see a colorful view in the various American states that are known for their fall foliage.

11. Vermont

Vermont in autumn (photo credit: Ya Zhang Photography)

12. Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia

Blackwater Falls

13. Central Park, New York 

Central Park in fall

Central Park in fall   

14. Snake River, WyomingSnake River

15. Sierra Nevada Mountains, California

Sierra Nevada Mountains

16. Denali National Park, Alaska

Denali National Park

17. Aspen, Colorado

Aspen, Colorado


Canada’s landscape absolutely lights up with blazing autumn colors the moment summer turns into fall. Exploring Canada during this season can be a great option for couples; there’s something relaxing and romantic about the vivid changes autumn spreads across Canada’s lands.

18. Agawa Canyon, Ontario

Agawa Canyon
(photo credit: AAVens Photo)

19. Laurentian Mountains, Quebec

Laurentian Mountains, Canada
Laurentian Mountains (photo credit: Mircea Costina)

20. Wedge Pond, Alberta, Canada

Wedge Pond, Canada

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