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I love Jada! From Low Down Dirty Shame, A Different World and, most recently, her Facebook posts, Jada has mastered this fame thing.  She’s in the public, but not too much, and she’s all about empowerment…can you tell I’m a fan?

Jada and her family recently took a trip to Hawaii – the perfect place for a Travel Lush to escape to an exotic location without leaving the states.  Check out their trip below.

Who:  Jada, Will and Willow Smith

Where:  Hawai’i

Why we love it:  Hawai’i has something for everyone.  If your idea of vacation is sitting beachside and enjoying “touristy” things (think souvenir shops and banana boats) they’ve got you covered.  Feel like getting away from everything and everyone?  Go to one of the lesser known islands to enjoy peace and quiet.  Are you a history buff?  Take the time to learn about Hawai’i’s history and culture.  Want to hop on a surfboard and enjoy the day?  You can do that too!

Who to take:  Bring your significant other for breathtaking sunsets and romantic dinners; your band of buds for surfing and hanging at the pool; and granny can tag along for walking tours (or drinks, if your granny’s anything like mine *wink*).

When to go:  If you want to catch a wave, Spring is the best time for you.  A winter trip is pleasant, it’s about 78 degrees, but rates are higher because this is the “high” season.  Summer is when most families come, but temps can reach 90 degrees.  Plan accordingly.

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