10 Ski Trip Essentials

Winter is here!  Time to grab some friends and hit the slopes.  Wondering what you’ll need to bring for your ski getaway?  No worries, we’ve created the Travel Lushes top 10 list for your ski trip.  Grab these essentials and enjoy the slopes!  1. Sunblock  When you are skiing, the sunlight will hit your skin

Road Trip Essentials

Thanksgiving is right around the corner!  Many of us are getting ready to hit the road to spend time with friends and family.  We wanted to share a few road trip essentials to get you there comfortably, courtesy of our friends. A Road Worthy Playlist Don’t forget to take your favorite tunes along for the

Working With Travel Agents – 101

Last year, I was thinking about taking a trip, but I didn’t know where to go.   I started asking everyone I knew about their favorite international vacation – I got tons of answers and felt overwhelmed.  Insert a travel agent and reduced stress here.  The agent planned a great trip to Costa Rica for my

How to be like Carmen Sandiego

Out of my group of friends, Renne was the first of us to follow her passion for travel. With her racial ambiguity, long, dark flowing hair and continent hopping, we quickly dubbed her Carmen Sandiego. You remember Carmen. She was an international thief that taught scores of Gen Yers geography and world history. She was

Airplane Etiquette

We love the end destination of air travel, but sometimes the flight is long and uncomfortable.  Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make you and your fellow passengers comfortable throughout your shared journey.

1. Let your neighbor sleep

This seems self explanatory, but it can be so hard to execute!  You maybe travelling alone and what someone to talk to, or, the flight attendant is coming around with the snacks and surely your seatmate won’t want to miss out on their cran-apple juice!  Trust me, if your neighbor is sleeping they don’t want idle chitchat or juice; they want to rest.  Leave them alone, they can always call for a flight attendant later if they are thirsty.  When the shoe is on the other foot you’ll be glad your neighbor let you rest.


2. Avoid hitting the seat in front of you.

A few months ago, I was on a trip abroad and the person behind me kept pressing the screen in the seat behind me so hard that every few minutes I would nod involuntarily.  The screens with movies, music, news and games are great, but remember, someone is sitting in that seat and they can feel your movements.  Press the screen firmly enough to view your program but gentle enough to avoid knocking out your neighbor.

Press your selection lightly
Press your selection lightly


3. Security

We all know the security at airports is a beast.  Get there early to ensure you’ll make your flight.  Once there, grin and bear it.


4. Recliner Wars

We Travel Lushes are pro-recliners, but there is a growing community of anti-recliners.  We understand their position, but hey, when you’re sleepy, you’re sleepy.   If you notice you’re sitting in front of an especially tall person, be kind of enough to avoid a full recline so they can maintain some sense of leg room.


5. Lavatory

Please make a bathroom stop before boarding the plane.  If you find that you’ve got to go during the flight, leave the bathroom as clean as you can.  This is a shared space and everyone should be able to enjoy a (somewhat) clean bathroom.