A Day in Nicaragua

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Ever been on a day trip?  We had the opportunity to take an impromptu day trip to Nicaragua and we got it in!  From majestic lakes to active volcanoes, Nicaragua is where you want to be.


Kaysha taking a moment and reflecting at Lake Nicaragua
Kaysha taking a moment and reflecting at Lake Nicaragua

We started our day at Lake Nicaragua, the largest lake in Central America.  This lake is a gem; tourists and locals alike come here to enjoy the serenity and beauty of this national treasure.



Our next stop was hot!  Nicaragua has volcanoes throughout the country, but the Masaya volcano has an interesting history.  To please the gods, locals would head up the volcano with sacrifices, which often included young maidens and small children. In the 16th century the Spaniards called the Masaya Volcano the “Mouth of Hell” and placed a wooden cross near the top of the crater to rid the volcano of the Devil and his demons who were thought to inhabit it. Don’t worry though, there are no more sacrifices and we didn’t see any demons.

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A Cross for protection


Bruce and Kaysha enjoying a beer
Bruce and Kaysha enjoying a beer


After bearing the heat we needed to eat….and have a drink!  Nicaragua has two local beers, Victoria and Tona.  Both are delicious and both are inexpensive. #winning.


We love acting like a local when we travel, but sometimes you have to do the tourist thing.  Nicaragua’s markets were made for tourists with a local feel.  Place in the middle of town you can browse in and out of shops, have a quick bite or people watch.  Kaysha used this time to buy art…Renne bought a machete. #boom

You'll never know what you'll see in the stores
You’ll never know what you’ll see in the stores

Who doesn’t want to live like Jay-Z and Beyonce! Nicaragua has a thriving community of private islands for purchase.  Touted as a growing economy, private islands are for sale from $250K and up.  That seems just reasonable enough for us to let our minds wander…wouldn’t it be nice tow own an island to have a private escape when life gets hectic?  Start saving and this could be your life.

A home with a view
A home with a view

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