5 Unique Places to Travel in 2017

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With the arrival of autumn, I’m realizing how quickly 2016 will soon come to an end—and the question on my brain is: what adventures are in store for me in 2017? I already have some exciting ones planned for the next couple of months, but nothing is set in stone for next year yet. I’m working with a completely blank canvas here—and I’m ready to start painting! Here are 5 unique places I’ve never experienced but would love to travel in 2017.


I recently fell in love with Mozambique as it was so vividly shown to us via The World Pursuit, a blogging couple who always seems to discover the most unique places to visit. They recently blogged about their experience in Anvil Bay, giving me every reason to want to plan a trip there. This place was the definition of seclusion—looking at the photos, you’d think they had the entire coastline to themselves. They also mentioned that Anvil Bay is determined to be low impact on the environment. Since I feel very strongly about eco-friendly tourism, this little tidbit made me pretty happy and eager to add Mozambique to my destination list.


Originally I was determined to go here for my honeymoon, but the timing just wasn’t right due to monsoon season in Asia. I dream of riding a train across The Nine Arches Bridge, admiring the mesmerizing Sri Lankan classical dances, and watching elephants roam free in the wild. My friend just got back from Sri Lanka and he won’t stop raving about how amazing his trip was. Personally, every time his beautiful, lush travel photos show up in my timeline, I view it as a sign that I need to visit Sri Lanka in 2017.

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Beautiful Sri Lanka! See more unique places to travel in 2017
Beautiful Sri Lanka! (image provided by Titan travel)

My Favorite Video of Sri Lanka:


If you’re anything like me, then Instagram is probably a major source of wanderlust in your life. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen those breathtaking hot-air balloon photos of Cappadocia that made me want to hop on a plane the next day, despite recent events. What really sold it for me, was watching Cynthia and Niko from Journal of Nomads (check out their show on YouTube), hitchhike their way all throughout Turkey. Their journey is beautiful and inspiring—and they do such an impressive job of giving us a deeper, more authentic look into Turkish culture.


I saw a meme the other day that made me laugh. It said: “After 50 years of failed embargoes and isolation, the US is about to unleash its most obnoxious weapon on Cuba to date…The American Tourist.” Although I can fully attest to how obnoxious some of my fellow Americans can be, I’m super excited that I can finally plan a trip to Cuba. I am just itching to taste the food, see the colorful architecture and classic cars, and experience Cuban culture IN Cuba…instead of in Miami.


I shared with you my unforgettable trip to Peru earlier this year—and believe it or not, it was my first taste of South America. Now I’m addicted. For my next South American adventure, I’d love for it to take place in beautiful Bolivia, a country with a complex mix of fascinating nature, dangerous adventures, colorful culture, and yummy cuisine. My perfect Bolivian adventure would include tiptoeing into caves of tube-lipped nectar bats, paragliding above the valleys of La Paz, following along on a Bolivian parade, and stuffing my face with tropical fruits and quinoa beer.

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Where do you want to travel in 2017? Tell me in the comment section below!


5 Unique Places to Travel in 2017
Photo (top): Provided by Titan Travel
Photo (bottom): Provided by Journal of Nomads

17 Replies to “5 Unique Places to Travel in 2017”

  1. Those destinations look incredible and we are aching to see more of this beautiful planet that we call our home! Those pictures are so beautiful and we feel so honored that you included our documentation of Turkey!! Your post gives us even more wanderlust (didn’t think that was even possible 😉 ). We really hope to see Sri Lanka in 2017. The others destinations will have to wait until we can get there without taking an airplane 😀 But they are definitely on our list! Thank you for the inspiration!!

  2. 2017 already?! You’re right, it’s coming up fast, especially for booking trips well enough in advance. Mozambique would be incredible, a place I would love to spend time at and discover. Then Sri Lanka. But that might have to wait until 2018!

  3. Oh wow, you’re well organised, thinking ahead to 2017 already! You have identified some fantastic places here. I love the look of Sri Lanka. I’d love to take a long train journey there as I think it’s a great was to see the countryside.

  4. OMG! You definitely included many of my bucket list places! I really really want to make my way to Havana~ Thanks for the share. Mozambique seems to be a great addition to my list. Happy travels!

      1. They are very brave!! I’ve been following their journey all summer and it’s unbelievable. I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to hitchhike.

  5. Great list! Cuba tops my list, and I hope to visit soon. Love seeing a list of places besides the typical Thailand and London ones!

  6. Ah you’ve giving me even more ideas for my trip next year – I just can’t decide where to go!! Some great places listed here though!

    1. Happy to give you a few ideas!! The problem always is – there are sooooo many cool places to see in the world!

  7. I really want to go to Venice for Masquerade as it’s right around my birthday! I’m also hoping to go to South Korea, and maybe some more Asian countries on the way!

    1. I’ve always wanted to experience the Masquerade too! That would be a really cool way to celebrate your birthday. I’d love to go back to South Korea. I only got a small glimpse of it and loved it. If you go to South Korea and you want to experience another Asian country, consider visiting Busan and then take a ferry over to Japan afterwards.

  8. I have visited Cuba last year and I’m going to Bolivia this year! Cuba is indeed a paradise waiting to be discovered. The time stopped there 50 years ago. I hope that the lifting of the embargo won’t change the country, because it’s so unspoiled! Unfortunately change is inevitable.

    1. Agreed! I was fearful of the same thing, but I figure people from other countries have been going there for years, so hopefully Americans being able to go there won’t make too much of a difference. *hopefully*

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