10 Places to See Lavender Fields on Every Continent

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Travel Lushes often gets tagged on Instagram in photos taken at the stunning lavender fields of Provence. My sister even once told me it was her dream to visit France, simply to experience the beauty of these fragrant blooms. As a new mom, her dream has been put on pause to focus her attention on caring for her toddler and infant. The good news for my big sis though, is that Provence isn’t the only region in the world boasting meadows filled with these gorgeous violet-colored plants. Here is a list of places all around the world, spanning each continent (excluding Antarctica), to experience the magic of lavender fields–some of which might be a little closer to home.

1. Mt. Shasta Lavender Farms: Montague, California

Open seasonally by appointment. Map and directions here.

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2. Farm Tomita: Hokkaido, Japan

Don’t leave Farm Tomita’s Traditional Lavender Garden without trying their signature lavender soft-serve ice cream (other flavors include Hokkaido vanilla, Hokkaido cantaloupe, and lavender white chocolate).

Blooming season is from late June to early August. Click here for map and directions.

3. Hitchin Lavender Farm: Hertfordshire, UK

Flowering season is from mid June until the end of August. Click here for opening times, price information, and directions.

4. Bridestowe Lavender Estate: Tasmania, Australia

Flowering seasons begins in December. Click here for map and directions and here for opening times and pricing info.

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5. Lavender Farm Guest House: Franschhoek, South Africa

Click here for accommodation rates.

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6. Bleu Lavande: Quebec, Canada

Bleu Lavande is the largest lavender farm in Canada and the second largest in North America. They host a number of activities including guided tours, massotherapy, yoga retreats, picnics, family weekends, and jazz and classical performances. Click here for map and contact info and here for opening times and pricing info.


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7. Lavandario Field: Cunha, São Paulo, Brazil

For more information, click here.

8. Mayfield Lavender: Surrey, UK

This organic lavender farm is less than 15 miles from Central London. The best time to take photos is from early July to the end of August. Click here for map and directions.

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9. Lavender by the Bay: New York

Lavender By the Bay is New York’s premier lavender farm and one of the largest in the USA. The first English bloom takes place during mid to late June and the French bloom begins in early July and only lasts for about two weeks. Click here for map and directions.

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10. Valensole Plateau: Provence, France

A list of lavender meadows wouldn’t be complete without including the famous fields of Valensole in Provence. The best time to visit this French plateau is in July when the lavender flowers are in full bloom. Click here for more information.

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  1. This is a great, inspirational post. It gives me some ideas of where I too can see lavender fields. I’ve always wanted to but haven’t gotten to travel a lot. I love, love the smell and look of lavender. Thanks for the list!

  2. I love lavender. I have 5 types here at home in my garden. Usually Sequim, Washington (my home) makes these lists too, so it was nice to see some I haven’t before. Now I have one more reason to visit QC.

  3. Loved this post because I am a big fan of flowers and flower fields. That ice cream looks good enough to justify going to Japan. 😉 And the UK, romance and lavender, sign me up!

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